I have always been skeptical when it comes to my choice of electrical service company. This is not totally unrelated to the fact that I have had not-so-pleasant experiences with electricians in the past. I vividly recall how a quack electrician service led to the loss of my highly valued LED plasma TV set after I invited a random company to take a look at some surge problems I was having at the time.


Fast forward to this day, when my husband embarked on a house construction project. He asked me if I knew any reputable electrical service company to be awarded the project of wiring our house. I was definitely not going to hire the former company because of my terrible experience with them.  


After a while of deliberation, I called up a friend to make enquiries regarding the best electrical service companies. I got a lot of suggestions, but I got one particular company I was asked to go to first before considering the rest. I made sure to go to their head office and meet with the management, just so I am sure of what image they portray. I was really pleased with the courtesy and professionalism of the manager who I met with. He assured me of a perfect work done by his team on our new house. I made sure to be there because of the high value placed on our new property. No one wants stories on their new $300,000 home.  


After the team came and did the wiring. I was impressed for certain reasons. Firstly, the timing was very accurate, the employees and technicians were very polite and they seemed to know every detail of their job. I didn’t have to work within their timeframe rather they had to work within my own timeframe. This was great unlike the first electrical company, which left my house with surge problems and ended up wrecking my precious new television set. Would you believer the first guys even made me work within their own timeframe? Yes, ridiculous.


Another reason I was really impressed was as a result of the after service follow-ups I got from the management of the company. They made sure to call me and ask me about my opinion on the service they rendered and to ask if any problems had surfaced since after moving into our new house. I will definitely hire them again.


Not only was I impressed with the quality of service I got; I was even more impressed with the affordable prices I paid for the services rendered. I didn’t have to break the bank! Now that’s the definition of quality service delivery. These days, it’s not so easy to find such an electrical company so I am definitely holding on to this rare gem I found.

John Smith

Lest I forget, the company also offered me discounts on my next repairs and maintenance with them. They were so gracious to check-up on me and keep tabs from time to time.